CFast Cosmetic Orthodontics

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At High Dental, we often see adults with some form of tooth crowding. This may make some people more self conscious of their smile and can make oral hygiene difficult. For the majority of patients, their smiles can be corrected by simply moving the front teeth so that there is better symmetry.

What is Cfast?

Cfast is a procedure that is designed to realign your teeth. This procedure will help to improve your smile with straighter teeth. Cfast is a cosmetic dental procedure that is performed here at our clinic.

How Does Cfast Work?

The process works via a system of aesthetically pleasing clear brackets and nickel-titanium wires that are tooth-coloured. These wires are clipped to the tooth-coloured brackets. Once placed onto your teeth, your front 6 teeth will be pulled into alignment over time to provide you with a straighter smile.

Cfast Produces Results Quickly

Cfast teeth braces is a specially designed cosmetically focused system that can act faster than conventional orthodontic treatments or Invisalign. The typical treatment duration is just 6 months. This means that you will be able to enjoy your new smile quickly, without the hassle of extended treatment times. In most cases, there is no tooth removal or enamel stripping.

Cfast dental braces is an important breakthrough in treatment for teeth alignment. It is discreet and very hard to notice unless a person gets really close. Cfast also will not prevent you from enjoying your favourite foods or disrupt your speech. In fact, some celebrities have completed Cfast treatment without the press ever noticing.

Find Out If Cfast Can Help

Patients must meet the suitability requirements for this procedure, which can only be determined via an examination and diagnostic set up. The set up will provide you with simulations of how your teeth with look after treatment. This will help you make an informed consent if Cfast is right for you.

Make an appointment today at High Dental clinic in Armadale to learn if Cfast teeth braces is the right option for your smile.

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Before Cfast

Before Cfast teeth braces

After Cfast

After Cfast teeth braces

Before Cfast

Before Cfast dental braces

After Cfast

After Cfast dental braces - High Dental Armadale