Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards are important for preventing dental injuries when a person plays sports. High Dental can design custom mouth guards to help avoid mouth injuries that can result in the loss of teeth or permanent damage to the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

The Benefits of Custom Mouth Guards

The majority of sporting organisations for contact sports recommend mouth guards for their members. At High Dental, we can create mouth guards that will:

  • reduce the risk of injury to the front teeth
  • lower the risks of mouth and lip injuries
  • reduce the risk of severe damage to your tongue
  • lower the risk of fractures of your lower jaw
  • lower the risk of injury to your TMJ (Jaw Joint)
  • protect your orthodontic appliance from damage or causing injuries to you

Mouth guards are also designed to be comfortable and easy for you to wear. When you wear a customised mouth guard to prevent injuries to your teeth and jaws, you are protecting yourself.

Custom Mouth Guard Treatments

Our custom fitted mouth guards won’t inhibit your ability to breathe or your performance in your sport. Mouth guards can be designed for both children and adults and will be custom designed depending on the sport you are in.

A custom mouth guard fits well, is more comfortable, and provides the best protection you can get for your teeth and mouth.

High Dental can provide mouth guards in Melbourne. Schedule an appointment today!