Tooth Extraction

High Dental performs oral surgery, including tooth extraction. A tooth extraction procedure is sometimes needed to remove severely damaged, decayed or infected teeth. Typically, tooth extractions are performed when wisdom teeth need to be removed or before a dental implant procedure. If you need this procedure to be performed you should be aware of what is generally involved.

Tooth Extraction Preparation

The procedure starts with the use of local anaesthesia. After administration, a patient will not feel any sharpness or pain during the procedure. You will only be able to feel some pressure as the tooth is delivered.

At High Dental, a tooth is removed with future replacement options in mind. This means that we always try to remove a tooth a-traumatically, preserving as much surrounding bone and tissue as possible. This is to facilitate the possible option of placing a dental implant in the future.

When a tooth is removed, often valuable bone is lost. We can sometimes remove a tooth and immediately insert a dental implant into the extraction site while you are numb. If this is not possible, we sometimes recommend a socket preservation procedure where a bone graft is placed into an extraction socket to maintain the bony architecture of an extraction site.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After the tooth has been extracted, a blood clot will typically form in the socket. The dentist may place some stitches to help keep the wound together so that it will start to close up quickly.  Your dentist will check to make sure that a blood clot develops and stays in place.

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Feeling Anxious?

We understand that you might feel anxious about your dental treatment, so we make things really easy for you when you come in for your treatment. For all anxious patients we offer the option of sleep dentistry. This is a combination of sedation and pain relief medication which helps sedate you to make you feel dowsy and relaxed during your procedure. This is provided by a specialist anaesthetist at our practice. This is much safer than undergoing a full general anaesthetic. If you would like to know more how we can help you with your dental anxiety, please ask your dentist.

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