Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically start developing from the age of 17. During the ages of 19 to 24, the wisdom teeth may erupt into the jaw. In some individuals, the wisdom teeth may never develop. However, others may find that all four have erupted into the jaw. In some cases, the wisdom teeth may come through without causing any problems. In other cases when there is not enough room, the teeth may become impacted. When this occurs infection or inflammation may develop causing serious discomfort and pain.

This is when our doctors from Armadale clinic can come to the rescue and perform a careful, pain-free wisdom teeth removal.

How Is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Performed?

For every patient, the wisdom tooth extraction procedure should be planned carefully. We usually recommend a CBCT 3D scan for impacted wisdom teeth. The scan will help us identify potential risks and complications which may arise from the extraction procedure.

It is also important that you discuss your medical history with your dentist.

The procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia or sometimes, under a general anaesthetic.

In cases where the tooth has become severely impacted, the surgeon will need to make an incision in the gums and also remove some bone as well. The incision will then be closed up with stitches which will aid wound healing. The whole procedure can last up to one hour.

What About Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery?

Following the wisdom tooth extraction, you will need some time to rest. If antibiotics are prescribed, complete the course. Abstain from alcohol and smoking. Painkillers will be prescribed so you feel comfortable after the procedure. If you have any questions about your recovery, you should discuss your concerns with your dentist.

If you need emergency dental care or Wisdom Teeth Removal in Melbourne, contact one of our High Dental clinics in Armadale

Feeling Anxious?

We understand that you might feel anxious about your dental treatment, so we make things really easy for you when you come in for your treatment. For all anxious patients we offer the option of sleep dentistry. This is a combination of sedation and pain relief medication which helps sedate you to make you feel dowsy and relaxed during your procedure. This is provided by a specialist anaesthetist at our practice. This is much safer than undergoing a full general anaesthetic. If you would like to know more how we can help you with your dental anxiety, please ask your dentist.

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