Oral Hygiene

When it comes to maintaining your health, your oral hygiene is extremely important. Your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body and it also performs important functions for the rest of your body including preventing harmful bacteria from entering your bloodstream and beginning the digestive process each time we eat. Here is why oral hygiene is so important and what you can do to improve your oral care routine.

Oral Hygiene Can Affect Your Overall Health

While many people think that proper oral hygiene is only about protecting your teeth and gums, your oral hygiene can have a huge impact on your overall health. There have been several studies that have found links between oral hygiene and other health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer, and heart disease.

In fact, poor oral hygiene is associated with an increased risk of heart disease according to a study done by researchers at the University of Bristol in the UK and the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland.

Brushing Removes Plaque

Plaque accumulation on the tooth surfaces can result in the erosion of the tooth enamel, which ultimately leads to tooth decay. The accumulation of plaque is one of the main causes of tooth decay. To prevent this type of damage, an oral care routine that involves regular brushing and flossing can help stop tooth decay.

Brushing and Rinsing Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease results from “bad bacteria” that colonises the area along and under the gum line. This bad bacteria then attacks the gums, leading to gum disease. There is no way to regrow bone and gum which is lost to gum disease. This may ultimately result in the loss of teeth. The best way to prevent gum disease is to prevent this bacteria from building up in the mouth in the first place with proper brushing and rinsing.

Daily Oral Care

A proper oral care routine should involve daily brushing, flossing and rinsing to ensure that harmful bacteria and plaque do not build up in your mouth. By cleaning your teeth at least twice a day, you can improve the chances that your teeth and gums will remain healthy.

Get Regular Dental Checkups

Regular dental checkups can help you to deal with any concerns before they develop into more serious issues. At each dental visit, your dentist will examine your mouth for any irregularities and will also perform a professional cleaning so that your teeth stay healthy and you can maintain your smile.

Make an appointment today for Oral Hygiene Maintenance and we’ll provide you with regular checkups so that you can learn how to take care of your smile with a proper oral care routine.